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Explainer Videos For Local Businesses & Saas Companies


It’s a fact that there’s so much information these days anywhere on the internet. And it became a real challenge, almost an art, to make sure people don’t leave your website when they’re using it. Your bounce percentage clearly shows you the number of people that immediately leave your website after landing on it.

And that’s the first reason to have an animated video on your website. Because having a video will help you to have visitors on your website for a longer time. It’s a fact that people would rather watch a video compared to huge volumes of text. Get familiar with an animated video: it makes people curious and they love watching it!

Video is ever increasing in numbers and how it’s used on the internet by people. In 2017, around 75% of the internet was based on watching and spreading videos throughout the web.

Having a video is also great for your website’s SEO. You can optimise your video for the right search terms so that potential customers can start seeing you in the video results as well!

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Recent Projects

Stand out from your competitors by promoting your products and services through video

But how do you differentiate from your competitors? The answer is to be visible online when people search for your products and services. An animated video will help you explain your products and services in a very-easy-to-understand and creative way while getting people’s attention.

Does this sound familiar: “Okay sounds interesting but how exactly does it work?”, “What action do I need to take after I’m logged in?”, “How is your service gonna help me and what are the results I can expect?” etc. If yes, then it’s a sign you can improve your marketing. Act on this opportunity and be one of the people in your industry that use video to convert visitors into customers.

Maybe you offer a product or service that people don’t know much about (or you are a startup and you want to create curiosity around your product). Explain your product or service with an explainer video, and consider using YouTube as a marketing tool to start getting leads through your video. For example, using YouTube it’s possible to show your video only to your target audience to be in front of potential buyers.


Different types of explainer videos

1. Custom Whiteboard Video

2. Custom 2D Animation

3. Template Whiteboard

4. Template 2D Animation

The first 2 options are custom videos. These are videos that can be fully customised to your brand. The last 2 options are template videos. These are videos that use a pre-made template that makes them easier to produce. This category of videos is less customisable than custom videos.

Our Process

Creative Interview

During the creative interview, we discover the goal behind creating your video. We find out who your audience is and adjust our working method accordingly.

Script Writing

During this phase, we write the script for your video. We continue until we have the perfect script before moving on to the next stage.



The video is tailored to your audience and fits your brand. During this phase, we provide you with the first version of the video and ask for your feedback.


We want our clients to be happy and that’s why we process your feedback during this phase. We will continue until you are completely satisfied.


You will receive the final version of the explainer video from us if you are completely satisfied with the result. You will receive the video from us in your desired format.


The investment for an animated video differs per project. Your investment depends, among other things, on the type of video you choose. Besides, the length of the video plays an important role in the pricing as well.

The average explainer video takes between 1 and 2 minutes.

A Whiteboard Explainer video costs between €750 and €2,500 excl. VAT per minute.

A 2D Animated Video costs per minute between €1,000 and €4,000 excluding VAT.

We try to take your budget into account. Every video is of good quality, but every customer has its requirements. For example, we have various scriptwriters, animators and voiceover artists that we can use for your project. You can choose to have our top scriptwriters work on your project to ensure that your explainer video is of the very best quality!

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